Quaden Bayles Has A Friend In Hugh Jackman — Wolverine Actor Sends Message To Bullied Nine-Year-Old

Quaden Bayles Has A Friend In Hugh Jackman — Wolverine Actor Sends Message To Bullied Nine-Year-Old
Credit: Source: Hugh Jackman/Instagram Yarraka Bayles/Facebook

Hugh Jackman, who played the Marvel Universe superhero Wolverine from 200-2018, is using his powers for good. After receiving a tweet asking him to help bullied child Quaden Bayles know that he is a superhero, Hugh made a video directly to the nine-year-old child who was born with achondroplasia (the most common form of dwarfism). Quaden's story went viral after his mother, Yarraka Bayles, picked him up from school only to find him hysterical and suicidal following a bullying incident. Yarraka was at her wit's end and decided to live stream what Quaden was going through in hopes of showing the impact bullying has and to get help. Many worldwide were grief-stricken to see the child crying hysterically and saying he wanted a knife to kill himself. He begged for someone to kill him.

The video has since gone viral and Quaden is receiving messages, gifts, and money from around the world. Comedian Brad Williams, who was also born with achondroplasia, launched a Go-Fund-Me to send Quaden and his family to Disneyland. The Go-Fund-Me had a goal of $25,000 and has surpassed $320,000.

You may see the video that Yarraka Bayles posted on her Facebook account below.


Both Hugh and Quaden are Australian natives with Braden being from indigenous people. Hugh Jackman's message was two-fold. Not only did he speak directly to Quaden, but he also delivered a message to bullies. Hugh Jackman stated the following.

"Quaden, you are stronger than you know, mate. And no matter what, you've got a friend in me. Bullying is not okay. Period. Life is hard enough. Let's just remember every person in front of us is facing the same kind of battle. So let's just be kind."

Hugh's tweet has gone viral with over 52,000 likes and more than 10,000 comments. You may see Hugh Jackman's video to Quaden Bayles below.

Quaden Bayles' heartbreaking video has elicited support and a response from people across the globe and many are using social media and hashtags to continue raising awareness about the dangers of bullying.

The hashtags #Quaden, #QuadenStrong, #IAmQuaden, and #IStandWithQuaden are all trending.

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