Pusha-T Places Blame On His Stage Crew For Strange Anti-Drake Visuals

Pusha-T Places Blame On His Stage Crew For Strange Anti-Drake Visuals
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Drake and Pusha-T have been fighting for quite some time, ever since Drake released "Duppy Freestyle," and Pusha-T responded with, "The Story Of Adidon," arguably one of the most devastating diss-tracks of all time.

Over the summer, fans were thrilled at the beef between the two rappers, which suddenly died down after Drake released a PR-style message on his Instagram, explaining away the embarrassing photograph that Pusha used on his record.

As it was previously reported, Pusha got his hands on a photograph which featured Drake wearing blackface. At that time, Drake was merely an actor in Canada and hadn't kicked off his hip-hop career in full force yet. Before taking over the world as a rapper, Drake was an actor in the Canadian high school drama,  Degrassi. 

On Instagram, the Toronto native said that he took the photograph as a manner of protesting the way in which the entertainment industry only casts black people in stereotypical roles, like gangsters, basketball players, historical dramas, and others.

His post spoke to one of Hollywood's hottest topics right now, which includes diversity and inclusion in the Hollywood and music business. Other actors to complain of this sort of thing includes Bobby Lee, the comedian, who said that when going for an audition for films, casting agents would make demands to be "more Asian."

Either way, following Pusha's comments regarding the "Hotline Bling" rapper, the pair has stayed relatively silent - for the most part.

However,  on Saturday night, Pusha-T's stage was lit up with a message that said, "F*** DRAKE." Later on, the rapper said that he had nothing to do with that banner. In fact, he didn't even know it was there.

The rapper told his Twitter followers that he would never do something like that, explaining that it must've been a "corny" member of the production crew who did it.

The Daytona artist explained that his fans know he isn't the type of person who would make such a spectacle about another rapper while at his show, despite his diss track earlier this year. Other Twitter users have suggested he is merely back-tracking, because how could his crew mess up that bad?

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