Proud Wife Ciara Focuses On Her Man Russell Wilson As Critics Bash Future's Mom's Hair And Looks

Proud Wife Ciara Focuses On Her Man Russell Wilson As Critics Bash Future's Mom's Hair And Looks
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Ciara is one proud wife, and she has no time for the haters who are criticizing her looks, hair or fashion sense.

This week, Ciara and her very enthusiastic self showed up to applaud and cheer her husband, Russell Wilson, and his team, the Seattle Seahawks.

It was a special game for the quarterback who threw a touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett.

Russell, who was playing against the Arizona Cardinals, made history with his 35th touchdown passes of the year.

The mother of two shared a sweet message for her husband that read: "Love you, baby. I’m so proud of you @DangeRussWilson. Your hard work, consistency, and dedication motivates me. No matter what, you’re always a winner to me! #Playoffbound #GoHawks."

The Internet skipped Ciara's love for her man, and they are busy dragging her hair.

One person said: "No..other races wear clip ons/extensions that look like the very hair that grows from their scalp..hence the name "extensions"??..they only wear afros on halloween..and its meant as a joke..they do not wear afro hair 365 days out of the year that looks nothing like the hair from their own scalp..if they did it would look ridiculous..much like sew-ins and lace fronts black women that I educated you on the differences between what other races actually do?..I hope you see how ridiculous weave looks?..I hope you know now?.. I hope that helps you by answering all of your questions good day?."

This fan defended Ciara in a post that read: "Why did that hurt you so much? What does weave have to do with anything? Especially when all races wear it.. whether you knew that or not.she still going home to her mansion with her millions in her bank. Let her be!!"

Another supporter claimed: "Look like someone cut off the entire horse tail and put it on her head ?? I love her tho ?. But I like her hair. That ponytail is giving me life ? I need it."

A fourth critic claimed: "The ponytail is a no for me dawg. When will Black queens stop wearing the weave ?Ciara don’t start with these damn hairstyles now ? you been doing alright."

Ciara deals with critics elegantly.

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  • Beatrice
    Beatrice Dec 31, 2018 11:49 PM PST

    Why do y'all care about what she put in HER HAIR. Y'all ain't paying none of her bills or taking care of her family. LEAVE CIARA ALONE

  • Deb
    Deb Dec 31, 2018 7:32 PM PST

    Beautiful women are always condemned, hated and ridiculed. The mere fact that she is stunning, intelligent, great mom and one helluva woman in general shows this too shall pass! Persian women of color at the dawn of time had massive extensions therefore these idiots making these ridiculous comments are extremely unintelligent and uninformed!!! Do what you like girl and continue to rock it!!!

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Dec 31, 2018 6:01 PM PST

    Africans been wearing wigs,hair extensions,and braids since 3400 BC. White women have always wore extensions,clip on,etc. The difference is a caucasian man stays in his lane and let his women do whatever they want with their hair. Btw..I bet black women dont disrespect you when you brush your hair a million times to get waves or conked your hair straight back in the day. Stop hatin and show some respect.

  • John Halliburton
    John Halliburton Dec 31, 2018 8:01 AM PST

    LOVE you and your family, style, and Grace. Do your thang!!

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly Dec 31, 2018 6:31 AM PST

    Beyond happy for Ciara & her family!

  • Cheri
    Cheri Dec 31, 2018 5:30 AM PST

    So cute and Ciarra makes her own money. Leave her alone. I love her. But haters gonna hate

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