Priyanka Chopra Gushes Over 'Feminist' Nick Jonas Defending Her

Priyanka Chopra Gushes Over 'Feminist' Nick Jonas Defending Her

In a brand new interview, actress Priyanka Chopra gushed over her hubby, Nick Jonas, revealing that she ’married a feminist!’ While chatting with the U.K.'s Sunday Times, Priyanka made it very clear that not only is her man an ally, he is also ‘not afraid to use the word’ even though nowadays it may be  seen as controversial. The star said she loves that since at its root, being a feminist means supporting equal rights for men and women.

Nick has proven to be a huge supporter of his now-wife, ever since they first started their relationship.

As fans may remember, Priyanka previously recalled a situation when Nick encouraged her to not skip a work meeting even though she’d have to leave their outing with friends early.

He was also totally by her side when the actress was labeled as a ‘global scam artist,’ by a publication.

The outlet in question suggested that she convinced him to marry her just to gain more fame and help her career.

Nick was quick to defend his lady, and he was not the only one!

Pretty much everyone in the family did, including her sister in law, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

‘I did not comment on it at the time. But I went up to the hotel to find Nick, Joe, Sophie and my mom furiously responding to the article on their phones. They were like, 'These bastards! How dare they?' I thought, 'I am having a great moment, nothing is going to burst my bubble,’’ she tells the news outlet.

Priyanka also insisted that she was not affected by the hate towards her Instagram page for being filled with Nick pics and videos following their multiple weddings.


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