Priyanka Chopra Defends Georgina Chapman Despite Harvey Weinstein Allegations - She Wore A Marchesa Gown

Priyanka Chopra Defends Georgina Chapman Despite Harvey Weinstein Allegations - She Wore A Marchesa Gown

Georgina Chapman, the estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein, was collateral damage in the sexual assault case that began last year in October. Georgina and Harvey were married for over ten years, and during that time, Harvey allegedly used his position and authority in the entertainment industry to harass, intimidate, and sexually assault women.

As a result, many people have even ostracized Georgina, who owns a fashion company called Marchesa. Following the misconduct controversy, many stars chose to boycott her dresses.

However, not everyone has. Chopra is just one of the women to come out in support of Harvey's ex. The 36-year-old actress said her decision to wear a Marchesa gown was symbolic of her intentions to "support women."

On Monday night, while at the Women's Wear Daily, Chopra said to reporters, "Georgina's a friend of mine, and she has been." The star added that Georgina had no control over Harvey's behavior.

Priyanka went on to say that it's not right to take out one's anger on Georgina, a "self-made woman." The Quantico  explained that her Marchesa gown was the "right choice."

And Priyanka isn't the only Hollywood star to come out in support of the 42-year-old fashion designer. Scarlett Johansson also wore one of her dresses while on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May 2018.

The 33-year-old said to reporters at the time that she chose to wear the dress because it's a brand "created by two incredibly talented and important female designers."

In a statement released to People Magazine, Marchesa said they were thrilled to have someone such as Johansson wear one of their gowns and appreciated her decision.

Since the company first began in 2004, her dresses have been worn by women such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, and more.

Following Weinstein's fall from the graces of Hollywood, Chapman's brand and reputation took a serious hit. They even canceled their New York Fashion Week runway show back in February. It's clear that, since the controversy and tensions have simmered down, Hollywood stars have begun to recognize Chapman's innocence.


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