Priyanka Chopra Argues That The Criticism Meghan Markle Receives In The U.K. Press Is A Result Of 'Racism!'

Priyanka Chopra Argues That The Criticism Meghan Markle Receives In The U.K. Press Is A Result Of 'Racism!'

Priyanka Chopra is once again proving that she is a great friend to Duchess Meghan Markle. As fans know, the actress was in attendance at the Royal wedding last year in May and while the two women haven’t been seen together since, there is no doubt that they are still close.

During her brand new interview for U.K.'s Sunday Times, Chopra discussed the continuous criticism Meghan receives from the British media and revealed that she attributes it to ‘racism.’

When asked about it, the Quantico star responded: ‘Of course it has to do with racism, it is an obvious reason. But the beauty of Meghan is that she has been herself through all this. A lot of people got to know her only after everything but I knew her before and she is the same chick.’

She went on to explain some more: ‘Now that she has got a real platform, she still talks about the same things that she always did. We'd spend hours speaking about the difference influence and dialogue can make in the world before this thing happened, so what you see now is her. She has always been the girl wanting to move the needle.’

Priyanka noted that it’s unfortunate the former actress has been treated so unfairly and unequally by the U.K. media.

After all, there have been reports that she is the cause of Prince Harry and Prince William’s alleged fallout!

Other rumors say Meghan even made Kate Middleton cry once and also that she is difficult and treats the royal staff disrespectfully!

But of course, she is often criticized for really small and insignificant things as well, such as the way she held her baby bump while expecting baby Archie, the way she sits, stands, dresses and more!

But, her friend trusts that ‘If there's anyone who can handle it, it's her. Meghan is such a progressive, modern girl. She's what the world is today - a self-made woman who looks like each one of us.’


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