Princess Sofia Of Sweden Volunteers At Swedish Hospital For Coronavirus Relief

Princess Sofia Of Sweden Volunteers At Swedish Hospital For Coronavirus Relief
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Sweden's Princess Sofia, who serves as the honorary chair at Stockholm Hospital, has been doing her part in the battle against COVID-19.

Fox News reported today that the 35-year-old princess is among eighty people who have finished a three-day emergency training course from the Sophiahemmet University to provide assistance to their localized hospital. People Magazine, additionally, reported on the statement from the Royal Court which revealed the Princess was eager to get involved.

A spokeswoman for the Sophiahemmet Hospital alleged that the Princess wouldn't be working with the patients directly. She'll help out the cause by supporting hospital workers like doctors and nurses through the cleaning of instruments and other equipment.

According to the statement, the Princess and other volunteers will be disinfecting and cleaning instruments so that the trained healthcare professionals have more time and energy to perform important and crucial tasks.

The statement went on to reiterate that none of the volunteers would be working directly with the patients. People Magazine reported that Sophiahemmet Hospital, on the other hand, doesn't have any confirmed COVID-19 cases at the moment.

Fox News claims the Swedish royal family has worked closely with the aforementioned university and hospital since the late 1800s. Queen Sofia of Sweden and Norway provided funding for nursing programs back in 1884, and their relationship has continued since then.

Sofia, who's married to Prince Carl-Philip, has two young boys with the Prince, Prince Alexander, and Prince Gabriel. Let's hope that Sofia has better luck than Prince Charles, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this year.

Despite COVID-19's effect on the elderly, Prince Charles has been doing well reports have claimed. Prince Charles isn't the only figure to contract the virus either. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, contracted the virus earlier this year and was recently let out of the ICU.

Boris was criticized online for his nonchalant attitude toward the coronavirus, especially after he reportedly stated he had no intention of quitting hand-shakes anytime soon.

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