Princess Love Takes On Critics Of Pricey Gifts To Ray J's Daughter Melody Norwood With Sweet Video

Princess Love Takes On Critics Of Pricey Gifts To Ray J's Daughter Melody Norwood With Sweet Video
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Leave it to Princess Love to prove to her critics that she has no time for them.

Over the Christmas holiday, Ray J and his wife bought their baby daughter, Melody, several cars and other large gifts that pushed many to slam them for spending so much money on items that Melody cannot use.

Those people asked the parents of the 10-month-old baby genius to stop spending so much money.

Princess Love ignored the unsolicited comments until now. The businesswoman and reality TV star decided to clap back in the most epic way.

Ray J's spouse shared a brief video where she is riding around in the fancy car with a very happy baby Melody who is clapping.

The model used the caption to go after those who rubbed her the wrong way. She wrote: "When people say she’s too little to enjoy her toy car 😂🏎"

One fan applauded the decision: "Boss Baby wit da Chauffeur! @princesslove I’m so happy that you have started back post your gorgeous baby that is happy and beautiful stop letting the hater influence your life as a mother we don’t get a handbook we think with our heart so I salute you for being a great Mother."

Another commenter stated that Princess Love is one of those moms who will do anything for her child.

The follower stated: "Ohhhh okay, that makes sense. I don’t blame her. Too bad for them!! Mel is literally drop dead gorgeous, she gave birth to an angel. The things we women do for our babies ❤️Too cute...that's right momma...the extra mile we will go for our child ❤❤❤And she clapping 👏🏾 and so happy about it too lol."

A third individual claimed: "She looks like you're enjoying it better than her.....😂😂 Hey, Melody come pick me up! 😂😂😍💜 I wish I could fit in that car with my daughter 😅😂 . That thing would’ve flipped over with me on it. Mel looking like “Mommy you got some gas money “.. I love it 😍😍😂🤣"

This supporter shared: "@princesslove people need to just mind their own damn business! Buy her whatever you want. Super COOL video of you & 🍼Baby Mel 🚘 She's loving you driving her around in her car. You both SO Fly 😎😎❤️❤️ She will remember these Special times with Mommy😘❤️❤️."

Baby Melody looked beyond happy in her car and she is super smart so very soon she will be driving her own car all by herself and even piloting the private jets that her father often uses.

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