Princess Love Posts Precious Pic Of Baby Epik Before Deleting It And Making Her IG Account Private!

Princess Love Posts Precious Pic Of Baby Epik Before Deleting It And Making Her IG Account Private!
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Princess Love took to social media to share a super adorable pic of baby Epik on her platform. However, not too long after, she decided to make her Instagram account private with no explanation.

Earlier today, Princess showed off her and Ray J’s cute newborn son once again.

The snap that she posted shows the bundle of joy being cradled by his mom as he looks at something off camera, seeming really focused on that something or someone.

As for the proud mama, it appeared that she was wearing a white and pink floral pajama in the close-up photo.

Baby Epik looked so precious with his full head of messy curls and everyone who stumbled upon the picture though so too!

But the melting over the little human was short lived since around one hour later, Princess Love not only deleted the post but also made her whole account private!

Now, fans are wondering what happened since Princess did not explain anything before doing any these things.

This comes after Ray J promised during an interview, that he will not neglect his wife now that they have two kids under the age of 2.

He told HollywoodLife that ‘The main thing I see is just being a good father. I just had another baby. I had a baby boy and my daughter is one and he’s right behind her. So being the best father is everything. It’s a lot more diapers we’ve got to change and a lot more late nights. But hey, it’s all well worth it. I’m changing like a hundred diapers every two days. I change my daughter’s diapers, cause my son’s a newborn and my wife has this whole little routine.’

Ray went on to dish that ‘I think I’m going to have to step it [the romance] up in a few months. Now that my wife had the baby and it’s done and that process is over, we’ve got to focus on parenting. But then we’ve got to start turning it back to us again. And I’ve got to make sure she’s loved and she’s treated in that way. So I mean, I definitely got to step it up.’

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