Princess Love Deletes All Of Daughter Melody's Pictures Over Mean Comments -- Will Ray J Do The Same?

Princess Love Deletes All Of Daughter Melody's Pictures Over Mean Comments -- Will Ray J Do The Same?
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An emotional Princess Love took to social media where she explained why she was forced to delete all the pictures of her baby daughter, Melody Norwood.

Ray J's wife has some fans in tears after she confessed that trolls were making vile remarks about the pretty baby genius.

Most parents say she should do all she can to protect Melody including removing her photos; others say she should ban the trolls and turn off comments.

A fan said: "Please do not stop posting Melody... that baby makes me smile every time I see her, she is too cute and always @kandi has advised, just turn off the comments. You are a great mom, and we appreciate you gracing us with so much cuteness of baby melody ...and her milestones.. screw the haters."

Another commenter replied: "No offense, but Melody is the main reason why I come on your page. She is so beautiful and happy. I'm pregnant now and I keeping saying I hope my daughter is as beautiful and joyful as she is. She is such a blessing. Just block these dumb trolls."

This person claimed: "What could anyone possibly have to say about that beautiful baby girl....some ppl are just flat out miserable with themselves. Post your baby, block, and do whatever else you need to do. But absolutely DONT stop posting here."

A fourth supporter stated: "I am so so sorry you are experiencing this. I personally will say that I love when people post the joy in their lives, whatever it may be. I believe there are enough resources, energy, and God for everyone to have what they want. I hate the mindless trolls hiding behind IP addresses and datagram packets saying what they would never dare say in person. But one of these days, someone will catch a celebrity on the wrong day, say @solangeofficial or @joseline who will get the IP address of who wrote the comments, get a lawyer to get the account, owner, and address associated with said IP address and be knocking on their door like "what you say boo"... And I will enjoy every second of that news feed."

Melody is a real star.

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