Princess Love And Ray J Reunite And Fans Are Convinced They're Back Together!

Princess Love And Ray J Reunite And Fans Are Convinced They're Back Together!
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It’s been a couple of months since Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love but now, the on again, off again pair appeared in a clip on Instagram together! As a result, their fans are now convinced they are back together!

That’s right! Only two months after the man filed the papers to legally end his relationship with his partner, they are now fueling rumors of reconciliation!

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The clip was shared on Princess Love’s Instagram Stories and shows her and Ray J walking side by side.

Furthermore, some fans even pointed out that, it appears that they may be holding hands in the short clip, even though that can’t be proven for sure since they are only being filmed from waist up.

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The video was just that – them spending time together, neither one of them saying anything.

But, it was definitely more than enough for their followers to start speculating!

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After all, Ray filed for divorce from Princess Love in mid-September so why would they be enjoying each other’s company again like that?

They have been married since 2016 and are the co-parents of two children as well – 2 year old Melody and 10 month old Epik.

Their reunion, if true, would not be a total surprise since Ray J did admit publicly that he had some regrets after filing for divorce.

In an interview back in September, she also said that ‘This is not a game. Nobody wins. If we get divorced, we just lose. I don’t know what his motive behind it was, but you don’t file for divorce just because. You can’t just do it and take it back. I put a lot of thought into it when I did it and when I dismissed it I put a lot of thought into it.’


She also stressed that she had no intention of getting back together with Ray but judging by this new video, it really seems like she’s changed her mind!

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