Princess Love Accuses Ray J Of Leaving Her Stranded In Las Vegas

Princess Love Accuses Ray J Of Leaving Her Stranded In Las Vegas
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According to a report from, Princess Love and Ray J have been fighting on social media for a very particular reason. Currently, Princess Love is pregnant with Ray Jay's second child, and she accused him of leaving her in Vegas.

Ray Jay, the Love and Hip-Hop star, 38, posted a picture of himself hanging out at the BET Soul Train Awards alongside his wife in addition to his daughter, Melody. Princess wasn't happy with the post, taking to the comment section to accuse Ray K of leaving her and Melody alone in Vegas.

She also accused him of blocking her from calling. On her Instagram Story, Princess Love took it further and addressed all of her critics who told her she probably could've left Vegas if she wanted to.

Princess Love said to her fans and followers that she has her own money, and could've left if she wanted, but she didn't want to drive because she's eight months pregnant.

Princess Love added that she didn't want to stop for gas either because of all of the "human trafficking going on." Ray J then deleted the Instagram post. As it was noted above, Princess Love is currently getting ready to have Ray J's second baby with her.

Reported by Hollywood Life in October of 2019, the outlet claimed the reality star couple shared a video on the singer's Instagram account in which they revealed the gender of their second baby. However, the difference between this gender-reveal party and others is that it involved a helicopter.

"We're about to hop on the chopper," Ray J stated. Ray K said they were going to "lay down the smoke," which could've been pink or blue. Princess and their first baby, Melody Love Norwood, stayed on the ground while the reality star went up into the helicopter to see the smoke.

The color of the smoke was blue, so clearly, they announced they were going to have a baby boy. As it was previously reported, on the 25th of August, Princess Love shared she was pregnant with another baby. She wrote in the caption, "somebody's gonna be a big sis," in reference to their daughter, Melody.

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