Princess Charlotte Is Darling Accompanying Kate Middleton, Prince William And Prince George On Her First Day Of School

Princess Charlotte Is Darling Accompanying Kate Middleton, Prince William And Prince George On Her First Day Of School
Credit: Source: Kensington Royal/Instagram

Princess Charlotte started her first day of school today and the Internet is freaking out. Accompanied by her parents, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, as well as her older brother Prince George, the four-year-old was full of smiles and beaming with excitement for this new chapter in her life. Photos showing Princess Charlotte holding her mother's hand as she was preparing to attend her first day at Thomas' in Battersea have gone viral.

Princess Kate and Prince Williams both seemed proud as they each held on to the hand of their little mini-me and prepared for the kid's first day. Prince George also seemed excited to make his way back to school. The head of the school, Helen Haslem, can be seen in one of the photos below as she bent down to greet the little princess. Princess Charlotte returned the smile while extending her hand to shake that of the headmistress'.

Princess Charlotte seemed full of energy but appeared a bit shy when she walked into the classroom, standing closely behind her mother. Prince William let Headmistress Haslem know that despite Princess Charlotte's apparent nerves, she was very excited to start school.

Prince George had an air of confidence about him as the returns for his third term at the prestigious school.

You may see a photo of Prince William, Prince George, Princess Kate, and Princess Charlotte below.

Prince George will have the responsibility of looking out for his little sister now that she is attending the same school and according to reports, he is up for the task and excited to show Princess Charlotte around.

The children are required to wear uniforms and both Princess George and Princess Charlotte. The color is navy blue with red trim and Prince George wore his Thomas' sweater over a white shirt and paired it with navy blue shorts. He wore navy blue socks as well. Princess Charlotte wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail and also wore her sweater over a white blouse. She wore a navy blue skirt with white shocks. The siblings looked adorable and ready for school. What do you think of Princess Charlotte on her first day?


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