Princes Harry And William Kept The Distance At The Easter Service, Insider Reveals - They're No Longer Close

Princes Harry And William Kept The Distance At The Easter Service, Insider Reveals - They're No Longer Close
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One insider report claims Prince William and Prince Harry might not be as close as they used to be. Apparently, the royal brothers were pretty distant while at the Easter service.

As fans of the Royal family know, the princes were both in attendance at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle for the Easter Service earlier today.

However, one source tells ET that there was some distance kept between Harry and William and it was quite obvious.

Not only did Harry arrive separately from William and his wife Kate Middleton, but when their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth showed up, there was some apparent distance between them.

The source noted that in the past, Harry would always walk in alongside his brother and sister in law.

In fact, Harry and Kate were also super close since the younger out of the two blue-blooded brothers felt she was like the sister he never actually had.

This time, however, Harry chose to stand close to cousins Peter and Zara Phillips and their partners - Autumn Phillips and Mike Tindall.

Family members continued to just stand between William and Harry, as if separating them.

The insider also tells the news outlet that the brothers are at ‘different stages in their lives’ now, meaning that they are ‘no longer the boys’ they used to be.

Regardless, in one video surfaced on social media, Harry is shown chatting with William and Kate outside St. George's Chapel for a bit so it is safe to say there is nothing too serious going on.

The source also noted that this is not the first time it seemed like the brothers wanted to keep some distance between them.

Apparently, earlier this month when they attended the premiere of Sir David Attenborough's Our Planet alongside their dad, Prince Charles, the same thing happened, the father separating them the entire time.

Usually, fans of the Royals enjoy seeing the two brothers standing close and joking around with one another, but they just don’t really do that anymore, as it seems!


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