Prince's Estate Demands Donald Trump To Stop Playing 'Purple Rain' At His Campaign Rallies

Prince's Estate Demands Donald Trump To Stop Playing 'Purple Rain' At His Campaign Rallies
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According to Page Six, the estate of the iconic singer-songwriter, Prince, released a statement on their Instagram account demanding the Trump administration to cease using the classic song, "Purple Rain," during his campaign rallies.

The Twitter account of Prince's estate claimed that the 1984 hit song was played during Trump's campaign rally in Minnesota city, and it reportedly wasn't the first time either. The statement claimed that Trump and his campaigners played the song in Minneapolis previously despite confirming they would never use the track again.

Their tweet included a note from one of Trump's lawyers, Jones Day, who said the president wouldn't use any more artworks from the iconic singer again. The letter comes after their first complaint regarding Trump's use of the song.

Furthermore, Prince's estate communicated thoroughly that the deceased singer wouldn't want his music being used by Donald Trump and his administration. The statement on Twitter read that the "Purple Rain" artist's music would never be allowed to be used as a backdrop to Trump's political campaigns.

This wouldn't be the first time that Trump has been demanded not to play certain artists' music at his campaign rallies. According to a 2018 report from Variety, Steven Tyler, from Aerosmith, told Trump to stop using their music at his rallies.

The rally Steven referred to was at the Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia on the 21st of August. Trump had his team play their song, "Living On The Edge," as his supporters entered the 13,500 capacity arena.

Tyler and the other bandmates of Aerosmith, including Joe Perry and Mark Hudson, sent a "cease and desist" letter to Donald's attorney-at-law at the White House, Dina LaPolt. Tyler wrote in the statement that playing their music at his events implies he supports the president and his message, purely out of the association.

Furthermore, Aerosmith asked him not to play their song, "Dream On," as well during his 2015 election campaign. Regarding "Dream On," Aerosmith wrote in their statement that he needed their expressed permission to use the music.

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