Prince William's Wife Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With A Baby Girl - Third Child Might Not Be Their Last One

Prince William's Wife Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With A Baby Girl - Third Child Might Not Be Their Last One

Baby number 3 for Kate Middleton and Prince William is a girl, allegedly, of course.

This week, fans of the royal family were thrilled to learn that 4-year-old Prince George and Princess Charlotte, 2, are going to have a new sibling.

For weeks, rumors were flying around claiming that Princess Kate was expecting her third child after being rushed to the hospital.

During both of Kate's pregnancies, she was hospitalized due to severe morning sickness, also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG.)

According to a new report that was published by In Touch , the famous couple has another girl on the way.

A chatty insider said the mother-to-be is over the moon because she enjoys having a brother, James Middleton, and a sister, Pippa Middleton, as siblings.

The person claimed: "This has been Kate's dream. She has always wanted two girls and a boy, just like her mother had."

The source went on to explain: "It has always been the plan to have another child. Charlotte has such a sweet and easy temperament; both [William] and Kate have wanted another daughter like her. Plus, William loves the idea of him and George being outnumbered by women in the family!"

In a recent interview, the prince said while he is happy to be a father again, they are not celebrating as yet because Kate is not feeling well.

The mother of two will not be making many public appearances in the upcoming weeks due to the pregnancy.

An official statement read: "Her Royal Highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London today. The Duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace. She is suffering very badly. She will not be able to attend as many official royal functions while she is still in her first trimester."

A close friend of Kate said she wants to have a large family and consulted Queen Elizabeth on the matter.

The pal said: "Kate has talked to the queen about her motherhood plans, and she has been incredibly supportive. Her Majesty is just delighted that Kate has turned out to be such a star for the royal family. After all the scandals of the past, the queen is glad Kate has brought stability to the family."

Rumors claim Kate wants a total of four children.


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