Prince William Was Behind Prince Andrew's Termination From Royal Duties & His Eviction From Buckingham Palace

Prince William Was Behind Prince Andrew's Termination From Royal Duties & His Eviction From Buckingham Palace
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Prince William still has a few years to go before he becomes the King of England, as he is behind Prince Charles in the line of succession. However, his power in the family is undeniable, and a new report claims that he was behind Prince Andrew getting fired from his royal duties after his disastrous BBC interview about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

According to The Times of London , Queen Elizabeth fired Andrew on Wednesday after the massive backlash from his interview, even though she reportedly approved his sit down with the BBC. Insiders say the monarch was “hoodwinked” by her son’s explanation of his ties with Epstein.

Now, insiders say that Prince William was a key figure in Prince Andrew’s termination from his royal duties because he is “not a huge fan” of his uncle or his connection with the Epstein scandal. Sources add that Prince William was a big part of the decision to kick the Duke of York out of his offices at Buckingham Palace.

“William is becoming more and more involved in decisions about the institution [monarchy] and he’s not a huge fan of his uncle Andrew,” says an insider, while a second claimed, “William thinks the right thing happened.”

The sources also claimed that before the BBC interview, Andrew talked with his mom to let her know what he was planning to say and how he was going to address the accusations made against him. However, he didn’t go into any specific details.

The Queen apparently approved of her son’s decision to do the interview, but the insider says that there is no way she gave her approval to any kind of memo that fully explained what Prince Andrew was going to say. This is why the monarch feels “hoodwinked” by how the interview turned out.

This interview did not receive the normal palace protocol that requires a detailed interviewed proposal which staff could scrutinize, says the source.

Even though Queen Elizabeth is “privately supportive” of her son, she is still “deeply frustrated” with the entire situation. And, this has led the Queen to cancel her plans for a lavish 60th birthday party for Prince Andrew, and the family will instead celebrate with a private family dinner.


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