Prince William Wants To Do Things Differently Than Prince Charles And Queen Elizabeth

Prince William Wants To Do Things Differently Than Prince Charles And Queen Elizabeth
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Prince William plans to forge his own path when he becomes Prince of Wales. William admires everything his father, Prince Charles, has done in the position, but he wants to infuse his own personality and style when he takes over the title from the Duchy of Cornwall.

In a new documentary on BBC, titled Prince, Son, Heir: Charles at 70 , William opened up about his future plans as Prince of Wales. William said that he thinks his father has done an admirable job, but he will not be following in his footsteps. Instead, William wants to do things in a way that reflects his generation.

"Personally, I want to be my own man, and take my own style, my own passions and my own interests, my way, and do things slightly differently," William shared.

Charles is well aware that William will not follow his template when he inherits the title. According to The Guardian , Charles told cameras that he knows William wants to switch things up and he has no problems with it.

Charles noted that the title has a lot of flexibility so that each person can infuse their own personality into the role. We do not know exactly how William plans on doing things, but we are excited to see what he accomplishes as Prince of Wales.

While William plans out his future, Charles has faced criticism over the years. The Prince of Wales has received backlash because of his private talks with government officials on various political issues, such as the environment, sustainability, climate change and agriculture.

William has also been vocal about his opinions on conservation and mental health, so some things might not change once the title is passed own.

Despite the criticism, Charles has received praise for his charitable work over the years. Charles will turn 70 years old on Nov. 14 and is first in line to inherit the throne once Queen Elizabeth passes on.

Once Charles takes the throne, the Duchy of Cornwall will grant Prince William the title of Prince of Wales.


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