Prince William Says He Won't Be Watching ‘Tiger King’ - Jokes That He Just Avoids All Shows 'About Royalty!'

Prince William Says He Won't Be Watching ‘Tiger King’ - Jokes That He Just Avoids All Shows 'About Royalty!'
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Tiger King is super popular and it’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t seen the Netflix docuseries because of it! However, as it turns out, Prince William has not and he has a very funny reason why!

Apparently, the older of the two blue blooded brothers has not tuned in to watch it because of the title!

According to him, he just tends to ‘avoid any shows about royalty’ altogether!

Even though William, just like everyone else in the world at the moment, is in quarantine at home with nothing much to do, he made it very clear that he is not planning on passing some time by watching Tiger King.

The heir to the U.K. throne joined comedian Stephen Fry‘s TV fundraiser Big Night In, and had a Zoom meeting with him.

During their chat, that is when the royal revealed he has not seen one episode of the hit docuseries.

It all started with William asking: ‘By the way have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without [British soap opera] EastEnders.’

Stephen went on to respond that: ‘They tell me Tiger King is rather good.’

While the title may be misleading, the series is actually about zoo owner Joe Exotic‘s 22-year-long prison sentence for supposedly hiring a hitman to take out his rival, Carole Baskin.

Despite or maybe rather thanks to the unusual topic, the docuseries has been a huge success but it doesn’t seem like it's William’s cup of tea.

He joked with the comedian that: ‘I tend to avoid shows about royalty.’

His answer also makes it seem like he is not a big fan of The Crown either!

After all, the TV show is all about his family so it makes sense he might not want to relive the past and/or see actors impersonate the people in his life.


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