Prince William Reveals How His Poor Eyesight Helped Ease His Public Speech Anxieties

Prince William Reveals How His Poor Eyesight Helped Ease His Public Speech Anxieties
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Prince William revealed in a new documentary for BBC that having poor eyesight actually helped him with his public speaking skills. When asked by the interviewer whether he suffered mentally as a consequence of growing up in the public eye, the 37-year-old explained his experiences in detail.

According to the royal family member, when he was growing up, he worried many of his speeches wouldn't come out quite right. He was more than aware that there were a lot of people watching, and there was definitely some looming anxiety.

William went on to explain how his eyesight deteriorated over time which actually helped his public speaking skills. He now wears eye contacts, but at the time, he didn't realize his eyesight was actually getting much worse.

According to William, whenever he would give a speech, he wouldn't be able to see anyone's face, so it helped ease his anxiety. William explained that it's a lot easier to give a speech that way because then it lessens the feeling that the whole room has their eyes on you.

The Duke Of Cambridge's new documentary follows the royal family member as he travels around the United Kingdom to promote his Heads Up initiative, a program designed to encourage men to speak out about their mental health issues.

According to Page Six, Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health will air on Thursday. Prince William's new documentary was the subject of headlines earlier this week as well, although, for a different reason.

On the 24th of May, Suzy Kerr reported on a clip from the documentary in which William explained how becoming a father of three was one of the "scariest" moments of his life thus far. A big part of that fear is rooted in his own childhood.

These days, the 37-year-old royal has three children with Kate Middleton, including George, Charlotte, and Louis, and becoming a father saw a monumental shift in not only his lifestyle and behavior but also his mindset.

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