Prince William Opens Up About His Own Mental Health Struggles

Prince William Opens Up About His Own Mental Health Struggles

Prince William opened up about his own struggles with mental health reminding everyone that despite the ‘blue blood’ he was born with, he is still human. The Duke of Cambridge was in attendance at an event in Bristol today.

The said event was organized to promote and celebrate the launch of a website meant to improve workplace mental health.

While there, the man got candid about his own experience working as an air ambulance pilot and how that affected him mentally.

‘I took a lot with me home without realizing it. You see many sad things every day that you think life is like that,’ he shared.

As fans of the Royal family may know already, the older of the two British Princes worked as an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot for two years.

William confessed that dealing with his emotions that impacted his life unknowingly was a continuous struggle, and he definitely needed help.

‘You're always dealing with despair and with sadness and injury. The attrition builds up, and you never have the opportunity to really offload anything if you are not careful,’ he noted before adding that people who go through mental issues usually suffer ‘in silence.’

‘You're human, and many people forget the battles, you shut off to do the job—but ultimately something pierces the armor.’

This is not the first time William speaks out about mental health in the workplace.

Back in March he also made it very clear that he was determined to end all the stigma surrounding this problem.

‘Just starting a conversation on mental health can make a huge difference. When you talk about something you've less reason to fear it and when you can talk about something you're much more likely to ask for help,’ he stated at the time.

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