Prince William Officially Denies Cheating Rumors Involving Rose Hanbury -- Will This Reassure Kate Middleton?

Prince William Officially Denies Cheating Rumors Involving Rose Hanbury -- Will This Reassure Kate Middleton?
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After rumors started spreading that Prince William may have cheated on Kate Middleton, the royal family did not take long to respond.

More than that, they have been hard at work trying to correct the situation and fix the Prince’s reputation in the public eye.

Prince William has officially denied the rumors involving the royal couple's neighbor, Rose Hanbury, in statements issued through his attorneys.

One of them read: "In addition to being false and highly damaging, the publication of false speculation in respect of our client’s private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy pursuant to Article 8 of the European Convention to Human Rights."

This is not the first time observers are hearing rumors of possible cheating from Prince William’s side, although it looks like the royal family has stepped up their defense recently.

Attorneys representing the Prince have issued a statement in which they point out that the person responsible for the rumors is likely in violation of specific major laws, imposing on the Prince’s privacy among other things.

The fact that the published materials are allegedly false makes the situation even more damaging for whoever is behind the leaks, according to the official statement.

A so-called royal insider reportedly told In Touch : "Kate sees their friendship in an entirely different light now. They come across as a perfect couple who can do no wrong. But the reality is, most couples have their issues, and William and Kate are no different. [The scandal] has rocked the palace and their marriage."

According to sources, the prince has responded with laughter when being confronted about the incident previously and does not take the accusations seriously at all.

However, Prince William had previously not offered any comments of his own and has instead preferred to handle his communication through his attorneys exclusively.

Of course, for someone in his position, that is probably easy to understand.

The prince has been under a lot of pressure since the rumors started circulating, and some commenters have pointed out that the damage control applied by the royal family might be coming in a little too late.

Hopefully, that is not the case in the long run. Defenders of the royal family say that the same publication previously claimed that former President Barack Obama and Britney Spears had an affair.

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