Prince William And Kate Middleton Thrash BBC Interviewer Greg James After He Jokes About Princess Charlotte

Prince William And Kate Middleton Thrash BBC Interviewer Greg James After He Jokes About Princess Charlotte
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According to a report from, Prince William and Duchess Kate recently fought back against Greg James after he joked about Princess Charlotte on Breakfast with Greg James, broadcasted by BBC Radio 1.

James, 33, said to the United Kingdom's The Mirror, that the couple was listening to the show on the morning she was on her way to school near the beginning of the week. James joked on the show that it wasn't common at all for the child to shake the teacher's hand on the first day, which Charlotte purportedly did.

As a result, the DJ was in a conversation at a later date with William and Kate, who are both 37-years-old, when BBC Radio 1 went to the Kensington Palace. They said to him they were listening to the morning show that day and Prince William and Kate wanted to talk to him about it.

Mr. James explained that their school was so upper-class that the kids shook hands with their teachers, which was quite different from his experience as a student, where he explained he was lucky to even get a "smile."

With that said, however, all is well between all of them, despite the squabble. Prince William and Kate are also the parents of Louis and George, who are 19-months-old and 6-years-old, respectively. Reportedly, the 4-year-old girl started kindergarten at Thomas' Battersea, where George also goes.

William and Kate went to the school on her first day where she shook hands with them outside the school. George subsequently did the same thing. The couple later posted a picture of their children wearing their matching outfits.

As it was previously reported, George has been a student at the school since the beginning of the school year in 2017. Kate wasn't able to go, however, because she had morning sickness from her pregnancy with Louis.

This wouldn't be the first time that the royal family has been criticized by media figures. Earlier this year, Meghan Markle purportedly was the subject of media scrutiny on a number of fronts. Prince Harry later wrote a letter on a website in defense of her, claiming it was the same kind of reporting that played a role in his mother's death.


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