Prince William And Kate Middleton Third Child Baby's Name To Be?

Prince William And Kate Middleton Third Child Baby's Name To Be?
Source: ABC News

Ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced they are expecting their 3rd child, people across the globe have started to guess what the baby's name will be. If you remember the excitement over their 1st and 2nd children's births, you'll know that many people actually placed bets on what name would finally be selected.

With Prince William and Kate so very happy as their family grows, one can only wonder: will Prince Harry propose and join them pretty soon?

Any parent knows that finding that perfect baby name can sometimes feel like quite a challenge. While Prince William and Kate have already chosen two beautiful names for their children, George and Charlotte, the whole world is watching to see what name will be chosen for the new arrival.

Christian Turner, the global naming director at Siegel & Gale believes that the royal couple will find both a classic and traditional name in one. But they'll also be careful not to choose a name that comes across as too snobby or standoffish - William and Kate will want a name that the public will love.

Their first child is a boy named George and their second child is a daughter named Charlotte. Each of these names is considered to be one that has been royal and also a traditional one. But they've been wise to pick baby names that are modern with popular trends.

The couple will likely be cautious when choosing a royal first name. They will not want one that is alike or too similar to first names that of close relatives.

So, which names might we see for this sweet baby that is coming soon?

If it’s a girl, Alice is thought to be one of the most likely choices. Alexandra and Amelia are also names that have been held by Royals that could be under consideration.

If the family welcomes a bouncing baby boy, Arthur is perhaps one of the first choices. Other royal names that the couple is probably keeping in mind include Leopold and Frederick.

Again, congratulations to Prince William and Kate, and the U.K. royal family! Let us know if you think there other names that might be considered by the Royal couple.


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