Prince Philip Gives Up His Driver's Licence Following Injurious Car Accident

Prince Philip Gives Up His Driver's Licence Following Injurious Car Accident
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According to Detroit News, at the age of 97-years-old, the royal family member, Prince Philip, was forced to give up his driver's license after he was involved in a car crash that left two women badly hurt claims the Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The prosecutors in the United Kingdom say they haven't decided as to whether they'll press charges against him or not.

In a statement, the Palace spokesperson confirmed that the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to surrender his permit to drive a vehicle in the British Islands.

As it was revealed previously, on the 17th of January, Philip was driving a luxury vehicle, a Land Rover, near the royal family's Sandringham home in the eastern portion of England when he slammed into another car.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they had to help him out of the vehicle. He wasn't injured, however. The other women in the vehicle were hurt, but not seriously. A baby boy's safety was jeopardized but went unharmed too.

Thankfully, the drivers of both vehicles were given alcohol tests and they passed with flying colors. The royal family member was caught behind the wheel, however, just two days later without a safety belt, sparking somewhat of a backlash.

This past Saturday, a spokesperson from the Norfolk Police said that Philip had voluntarily agreed to give up his right to drive. The prosecutors of the state will decide whether they'll hold him legally culpable and vulnerable to charges. The Crown Prosecution Service revealed in a statement that they would carefully consider all of the details.

In a written apology letter, Philip said he was distracted by the rays of the sun when he drove on to a street near Northern London. When speaking with Emma Fairweather, one of the women in the crash who broke her wrist, Prince Philip said that he was very sorry for what happened.

There is currently no age limit for people who drive vehicles in Britain, however, senior citizens are required to renew their licenses every three years as well as inform authorities about any new medical or safety concerns.

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