Prince Harry Writes An Essay For Fast Company Claiming Social Media Causes Division

Prince Harry Writes An Essay For Fast Company Claiming Social Media Causes Division
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Prince Harry recently wrote an essay for Fast Company in which he touched on the influence of social media on today's youth. The royal family member called for governments and companies to act on social media to thwart the damage on young people.

The 35-year-old claims he and his wife, Meghan Markle, recently spoke with experts about the effects of social media, and he says it's important for it to become a platform in which there is less hatred and more compassion.

Prince Harry explained how even adults were susceptible to the negative effects of social media, and if that was true, what is the effect on the most vulnerable? Prince Harry said that "as a father," it has him concerned for the future.

Harry went on to say that the effects of using social media should be taken into consideration, urging advertisers and companies to do more in the fight against hate speech on their platforms.

As it was previously reported, Markle and Harry launched a civil rights and racial justice campaign called, Stop Hate For Profit, this past month. The idea behind the advocacy group is to restructure social media policies regarding hate speech.

Fans of the couple know that Meghan and Prince Harry have addressed online hatred before, including racism and harassment toward Markle, the Suits alum. Not only have Meghan and Harry received harassment online, but they've also been pilloried in the media.

Currently, Meghan Markle is in the middle of a lawsuit against The Sun, however, it was reported earlier this year that she lost the first round and had to pay some of their attorney fees. The Sun is embroiled in another lawsuit as well with Johnny Depp.

As most know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship has been the subject of headlines for months, including when they announced they were going to leave the royal family. Before then, it was widely speculated that Meghan was having a hard time getting along with other members of the family.

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