Prince Harry Talks About Meghan And The Baby In New Sweet Video - Watch!

Prince Harry Talks About Meghan And The Baby In New Sweet Video - Watch!
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Baby Sussex is finally here and it is a boy! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could not be any happier to be the proud parents of a healthy royal baby - their first ever!

Soon after welcoming the firstborn in their lives, Prince Harry released a super sweet statement about his new status as a father and how proud he is of his family of three.

In a video, the royal says in part that ‘It’s been the most amazing experience that I can ever possibly imagine. How a woman does what they do is just beyond comprehension. We are both absolutely thrilled. The baby's a bit overdue so we have had a little bit of time to think about it [a name.] I think we will be seeing you guys in two days times as planned, as a family.’

‘To be able to share it with you guys and so everyone can see the baby. I haven’t been to many births, but this is definitely my first birth. It was absolutely incredible. And as any father and parent would ever say, your baby’s absolutely amazing. But this little thing's absolutely to die for, so I am just over the moon. Thank you very much guys.’

So sweet, right? The blue-blooded new father was sure to melt everyone’s heart with his genuine reaction to the miracle of life.

Meghan and Harry’s incredible milestone is also special for another reason as well.

Harry has opened up before about feeling like his late mother, Princess Diana is always looking down on him and also hoping to see him start his own family.

Now, that day is here and Harry is obviously over the moon about it! Congratulations Megan and Harry!


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