Prince Harry Reportedly Turning To Prince Charles To Help Meghan Markle Become More Popular

Prince Harry Reportedly Turning To Prince Charles To Help Meghan Markle Become More Popular
Credit: Source: NDTV

Prince Harry is looking to repair Meghan Markle’s public image after a rough first year as a member of the royal family – and Prince Charles might be the perfect man for the job. An inside source claims that Harry has reached out to his father, who is well versed in dealing with poor popularity ratings, to help get Markle back on track.

“Harry’s taking advantage of Charles’ big soft spot for Meghan and pushing his relationship with his father to the absolute limit and really laying it on thick,” the source explained.

A big part of Markle’s problem is her ongoing feud with Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton. According to Radar Online , their feud has only gotten worse after the Christmas break and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Charles reportedly believes that Markle needs to make amends with Middleton if she is serious about boosting her popularity.

Although Charles is willing to help Markle, he cannot repair her public image on his own. At some point, Markle has to start mending bridges and doing her part to avoid future drama.

The former Suits star has been in the hot seat even before she tied the knot with Harry last May. Markle faced a lot of criticism, for example, after she failed to mend her relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, who did not show up for the wedding.

In fact, some experts believe Markle took a big hit in the ratings department because of her failed relationship with her dad.

Thomas has opened up about his estranged relationship with Markle on several occasions, but his interviews with the media have only made things worse. Markle has her hands full with the feud with Middleton, but her father issues are just as important.

Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child this spring , but unless they turn things around quickly, the drama surrounding her popularity is only going to get worse – even with Prince Charles’ help.

Kensington Palace has not issued any official statements about Meghan Markle’s low popularity ratings.


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