Prince Harry Reportedly Tried To Fake Accent In Canadian Decor Shop

Prince Harry Reportedly Tried To Fake Accent In Canadian Decor Shop
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Prince Harry reportedly tried to fake an accent during his Canadian holiday last month. While he tried his best, the store owner was able to call him out immediately. Page Six has learned that the proprietor and Harry had a laugh together after he misspoke and said he looked like Prince Andrew.

Page Six claims the Duke of Sussex was at a Sidney, BC, home decor store this past month when the owner of the business, Chris Stephen, noticed his big blue eyes. The 60-year-old, who spoke with reporters from The Daily Mail, claims she told him he looked a lot like Prince Andrew, however, what she meant to say was that it was Prince Harry.

The royal apparently said to her in response, "I can't believe you said I look like Prince Andrew." In his rebuttal, Harry said he did his absolute best to sound like a Canadian citizen, and the store owner said to him that he didn't "do a good job."

While the interaction might've started out a bit awkward, the store owner was taken back by Harry's charm and total lack of pretentiousness. She claimed Princess Diana would be so proud of him.

At the time of the meeting between the royal and the shopkeep, Meghan and the Prince were on holiday on Vancouver Island in Canada. Harry and Meghan Markle soon after made their announcement they would be backing down from their positions in the royal family.

As the reports have stated, Meghan is currently staying in Canada. It's not surprising she has purportedly grown accustomed to the country to the north because she used to stay in Toronto for the filming of Suits. While Meghan and the Prince are likely happy to move on with their lives, the residue they left behind in England is palpable.

Earlier today, it was reported that their announcement to leave their duties in the royal family was not met with appreciation from the British public.

Mail Online dropped a poll that claims around 54% of Britons want Meghan and the Prince absolved of their royal titles. Furthermore, the poll revealed that many British citizens don't want Meghan and Harry to receive any tax-payer money or royal family allowances.

Previously, Meghan and Harry dropped $3.1 million for the renovations they had done on their Frogmore Cottage, and British citizens want the money paid back.

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