Prince Harry Reportedly Plans A Meeting Between Meghan Markle And Her Dad - He Is Determined To Fix Things!

Prince Harry Reportedly Plans A Meeting Between Meghan Markle And Her Dad - He Is Determined To Fix Things!
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According to new reports, Prince Harry is not about to let his wife Meghan Markle and her dad Thomas lose their connection completely. That being said, rumor has it that the royal has a sneaky plan on how to fix things.

Despite the fact that Meghan and her father have not been on speaking terms pretty much since the wedding in May, Prince Harry supposedly thinks the situation is still remediable.

But while he definitely has good intentions, is Meghan going to appreciate his secret plan?

One source at the palace told HollywoodLife that ‘Harry is trying to work out the possibility for a meeting with Meghan’s father, in California, following the Invictus games in October. Harry and Meghan will be in Australia and in New Zealand for the games and they're already planning to stop in Los Angeles on the way home and spend some time with Meghan’s mom, so Harry's trying to arrange a meeting with her dad around the same time.’

As you may be aware, reportedly, Meghan broke all communication with her father after Thomas Markle’s repeated chats with the press.

The insider went on to explain that Harry knows all too well how important Thomas is for his daughter, so he thinks it’s necessary for them to have a sit-down and talk.

That being said, the royal believes Thomas is not actually a ‘bad guy’ but thinks the man may not fully understand what kind of situation he’s putting Meghan in with his interviews.

Harry also sees how desperate Thomas is to reconnect with his daughter and so he's determined to fix things for them.

And that might be exactly what Meghan needs because according to the source ‘When it comes to seeking to repair the relationship with her dad, Meghan feels completely overwhelmed she honestly does not even know where to start.’


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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Jul 23, 2018 4:33 PM PDT

    You know I always said that their mom raised them right and instilled in them how to humble and forgiving. For him to want to help patch up his wife and son n law relationship speaks very highly of him and his obvoius love for his wife. Go head Prince Harry IAM so proud of you. Your mom is smiling down from heaven completely happy and proud.

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