Prince Harry Reportedly Not Going Back To The U.K. 'Anytime Soon' - Here's Why!

Prince Harry Reportedly Not Going Back To The U.K. 'Anytime Soon' - Here's Why!
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According to an insider report, Prince Harry has no immediate plans to go back to the United Kingdom! Apparently, he, Meghan Markle and their baby boy, Archie Harrison are thriving in Los Angeles and are sure they want to stay there for a long time!

This new insider report for ET comes after very different rumors that claimed Harry plans to fly back to the U.K. before the end of this year.

But the source tells the news outlet that the former royal is ‘not returning anytime soon.’

At the same time, however, they mentioned that this could change depending on different circumstances, of course.

‘Things can obviously change, if there's a concern about family health, but they are not hopping over the pond anytime imminently,’ the insider shared with ET, adding that for the time being, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making sure to follow the pandemic health suggestions when it comes to traveling.

Previously, another source also told ET that the couple got a lot closer with his relatives during the quarantine.

As you remember, back in March, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, was diagnosed with the virus and was forced to isolate for a week.

‘A lot of the family specific drama the tabloids are focused on, is not as fractured as they would like it to seem. The pandemic's brought the family closer together,’ the source claimed.

Furthermore, the insider mentioned that Harry and Meghan are really excited over the work they have been doing since moving to Los Angeles.


‘Like any family that's starting a new adventure, they're quite excited about everything. They're firmly focused on their non-profit and the work they are doing. They're really committed to their work right now. You are going to see a lot more of the duke and duchess in the coming weeks and months.’

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