Prince Harry Has Been Loving Quarantine Time With Baby Archie

Prince Harry Has Been Loving Quarantine Time With Baby Archie
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Prince Harry doesn't feel guilty at all while spending time with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their newborn son, baby Archibald. Page Six claims the couple has been enjoying their quarantine lockdown in their LA home.

According to the outlet, the ex-Duke of Sussex participated in a half-an-hour meeting over video chat in which he was speaking with UK parents and caregivers associated with WellChild, a children's charity associated with the former royal.

Harry said in the clip that some of the positives for him right now is increased family time, and he asked himself whether he felt guilty about it or not. The UK-native claimed it was crucial for a person to appreciate "those moments where you're just on the floor rolling around in hysterics."

According to Harry, there are many problems in life one has to deal with. For that reason, it's best to enjoy the good moments when you can and deal with the problems as they come. Reportedly, Harry has been working with the charity for approximately ten years, and he said it was great to see all of those people again.

Harry was asked how he's been handling the coronavirus outbreak since it began, and the 35-year-old ex-royal remarked that he isn't "too bad," but it was definitely a strange time for the world. He claimed everyone is dealing with the same challenges but in a different way.

The former Prince went on to say that one of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the realization that humans are so small in the scope of the universe. The star joked that having a newborn child was busy enough.

As it was previously reported, Meghan and Harry launched a non-profit organization called Archewell, although, details surrounding the company haven't been revealed. As most know, Harry and Meghan announced their departure from the royal family at the beginning of 2020.

The news came as a big surprise to the world, although, there were rumors of their unhappiness with their role in the family since they first got married.

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