Prince Harry Has A Special Request On The Legacy Of Princess Diana

Prince Harry Has A Special Request On The Legacy Of Princess Diana

Prince Harry spoke out about one of the most important issues that concerned Princess Diana during her time as British Royalty.

The 32-year-old Prince delivered an address at a reception for the Landmine Free World 2025 - a program that attempts to dispose of all the explosive landmines by 2025 - in which he asked for help in maintaining a promise made to the victims of landmines all across the world.

Harry told a story about his mother and Ken Rutherford who had traveled to Bosnia in the early 1990's. Rutherford and Diana met young boys who had lost both of their legs to landmines. The meeting with the young boys had an enormous impact on the Princess of Wales.

After she had gone back to the United Kingdom from Bosnia, Diana had to tell the world something had to be done to stop the production and the sale of landmines internationally.

More importantly, something had to be done to save the lives of children across the world.

The children that inspired Diana to rid the world of landmines were present at Prince Harry's address. "Those two young boys, Malic and Zarko, are now grown men and are with us today. Twenty years on, they both still struggle with their physical and emotional injuries and with the high costs of replacing their prosthetics."

Harry said it would only take 100 million Euro, which is equal to the salary of some professional athletes, to clear all of the landmines from some of the world's most affected countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

During his address, he thanked organizations like MAG, The Halo Trust, Norwegian People's Aid, and Danish Demining Group who helped with the disposal of landmines in 27 countries.

Harry concluded he believes the world can be entirely landmine-free by 2025. He said, "collectively we have the knowledge, the skill, and resources to achieve it, so let's make future generations proud and finish what he started."

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