Prince Harry Changed His Job As A Manager At BetterUp Startup To A Self-Development Coach

Prince Harry Changed His Job As A Manager At BetterUp Startup To A Self-Development Coach

Prince Harry is used to giving interviews himself, but in March 2021, he decided to change the rules of the game.

The Duke of Sussex took a job at one of the most talked-about California startups, BetterUp, where he received the position of development director. The company is engaged in coaching and mental health.

Its CEO, Alexia Robichaux, admitted that the startup considers it a great success that Prince Harry became interested in him, who is aware of “the limitless possibilities of coaching for personal development, increasing awareness and improving lives in every way .”

In the new short film BetterUp, available now on YouTube, Prince Harry stepped into the role of an interviewer, talking to three mental health-minded characters in the video, including two-time Olympic snowboarding champion Chloe Kim. The short film began with a quote from the Duke of Cambridge:

“We all have greatness within. Self-study helps to discover it. Psychological practices require consistency but only work if you approach your mind as something that needs to be made more flexible and not forcibly corrected.

In a conversation with Prince Harry, Chloe Kim happily supported his point of view:

“I can’t imagine that I could win any competition or learn a new trick if I didn’t feel good psychologically. And I can’t expect myself to perform at my best when I doubt myself or feel strong negative emotions.”

The heroine of the short film admitted that the deterioration of her mental health always affects her physical condition.

“Therefore, for the last couple of years, my feelings have been given priority attention while trying to constantly listen to my body,” she told Prince Harry.

In a previous post, Prince Harry is one of the most popular members of the royal family around the world.


According to data compiled by YouGov, a British international market research and data analytics company, he continues to be the fourth most popular member of the Windsor royal family after Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles.

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