Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Newborn Son Does Not Have A Royal Title - Here's Why!

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Newborn Son Does Not Have A Royal Title - Here's Why!
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Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Megan Markle became the happy parents of a baby boy named Archie a couple of days ago and they could not be any happier! But while they picked a very nice name for the newborn, people have been wondering about the royal title that comes attached to it as well!

As it turns out, he does not have any and the choice for that to be the case was a hundred percent the one of his parents!

As fans of the Royal Family know, this morning, during a photo call, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced their baby to their loyal subjects.

Soon after, they also revealed his name - Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

The proud new mom shared that ‘He has the sweetest temperament. He is really calm. And he has just been a dream, so it has been a special couple days.’

Furthermore, by picking that name, Harry and Meghan chose not to give their son a title.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig explained via E! News that ‘He will not be styled as Earl of Dumbarton but Master Archie M-W. But I am not surprised as Harry and Meghan want a 'normal' life for their kids.’

Of course, he might still end up with the ‘prince’ title!

While at this point, he is not officially one, Queen Elizabeth can totally make that happen!

Normally, only Prince William’s first son, Prince George gets the title by birthright.

However, the Queen issued orders that their other kids get the Royal Highness and Prince/Princess titles as well!

In other words, she can do the same for baby Archie and his future siblings as well, but that remains to be seen!


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