Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Might Get Engaged - After Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Might Get Engaged - After Pippa Middleton’s Wedding
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get engaged soon after Pippa Middleton’s wedding, according to royal observers as it is being claimed that the American television star convinced her famous boyfriend to talk about his mental health issues.

According to British media, several things have occurred in the past months that appear to confirm the rumors that are swirling around saying Prince Harry will propose before the end of the year to Markle.

The first significant sign that the engagement news is imminent is that under Harry's order the "When Sparks Fly" star has special access to Kensington Palace.

It has been revealed that Markle is treated like all members of the royal family, she can walk or drive through the royal grounds without the same "intense security protocols and scrutiny other guests demand."

The second sign backing the theory of Harry and Markle walking down the aisle soon, the pair has moved in together.

When in London, Harry and the "Dater's Handbook" actress live like a couple in Kensington Palace where she cooks for him and entertains friends.

The third element that sets the stage for another royal event is the fact that after countless rumors and controversies, Markle has received an invitation to Middleton's wedding - she will not be at the church ceremony, but will be at the after-party where the real fun and drinking take place.

The fourth revelation that indicates something is coming, in a recent podcast, Prince Harry said he wants children in the near future.

The fifth sign is Markle's decision to shut down her lifestyle blog, "The Tig," because a future princess can not be sharing her life on a website.

The sixth signal of Harry getting ready to pop the question is his decision to add extra rooms to the cottage for his future bride and children.

In related Prince Harry news, it has been confirmed that Markle is the one who pushed him to go public with his battle with mental issues.

A source said: “Harry feels for Meghan partly because she’s so open, and has that American attitude of saying, ‘Let’s talk about our feelings.He comes from such a stiff-upper-lip culture, but Meghan helped him open up.”

What a royal wedding it will be.


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