Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Hire A Third Nanny Amid Social Media Rumors That Meghan Is 'Difficult'

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Hire A Third Nanny Amid Social Media Rumors That Meghan Is 'Difficult'
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According to a report from Page Six, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just hired a third nanny to help take care of their baby, Archie, following the prior nannies who stopped working with them. Archie, who is 7-weeks-old, has already gone through two nannies claims the publication.

Reportedly, people on social media as well as in the media have been speculating that working with Meghan is extremely difficult. A Twitter user echoed this sentiment, adding this will be the third nanny in six weeks. The Twitter user joked that one didn't need to be a "nuclear scientist" to see that Meghan was difficult.

On the other hand, a source who spoke with reporters from The Sun claims Meghan and Prince Harry are taking their time regarding this very "personal decision," after all, it is their newborn baby, and the circumstances are extremely sensitive, taking into account their worldwide infamy.

The insider added neither Meghan nor Harry are rushing into any brisque decisions on account of not having enough time. It's very important they figure things out with patience and make a deliberate and as an informed decision as they possibly can.

If this news wasn't enough to stoke the flames of social media curiosity, rumor has it that Markle's personal assistant and also their secretary left as well.

All rumors aside, in other news, Fox News reported that Meghan and Harry stopped by the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees games before they played their first Major League Baseball game in London on Saturday.

The outlet claims Archie was in the locker rooms and they joined the teams on the field to check out the very first pitch in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the London Stadium. Fox claims this will be Meghan's second public appearence since giving birth to their 7-week-old child.

Reporters saw Markle hugging Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox, following claims they are actually distant relatives. According to the 1870 Federal Consensus, discovered by Jim McNiff, the pair have a common ancestor from the Southern United States.

In a conversation with the Boston Globe last year, Metts said he saw Meghan and Prince Harry were getting married, but he had no idea he and Meghan were actually relatives. The baseball player added it was surprising because one doesn't expect to hear something of that nature every day. However, it's extremely interesting, nonetheless.

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