Prince Charles’ Stormy Marriage With Princess Diana Sent Him To The Therapist!

Prince Charles’ Stormy Marriage With Princess Diana Sent Him To The Therapist!

According to Prince Charles' biographer, Sally Bedell Smith, the royal’s marriage to Princess Diana was so stressful that he needed to see a therapist.

The book, Prince Charles: The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life reveals a lot about the stormy marriage and the couple’s secrets that have been kept hidden until now.

According to the tell-all, the marriage was a disaster from the start! During their honeymoon in Balmoral, Diana suffered from insomnia and she lost a lot of weight!

She apparently cried “hours on end” after getting married to the Prince. Aside from that, she always criticized Charles for having an affair and complained about the oppressive atmosphere at the palace.

Two decades after the beloved Princess lost her life in a car accident, people still see her as the victim but according to Smith, the truth is a lot more complicated.

"What is it now, Diana? What have I said now to make you cry?" the author claims Charles would often ask, confused about what could have made the Princess so sad.

Even though Charles insisted his affair with Camilla was over, Diana did not believe him and her emotional instability affected the husband very much.

At some point during their unstable marriage, Charles found solace in his hobbies such as fishing but his distancing from Diana made things even worse between them.

Charles, who did not know what to do anymore, asked his friend Laurens van der Post to talk to Diana and the man recommended her to see a psychiatrist.

She was prescribed valium but refused to take it, thinking that the royals were, in fact, trying to sedate her!

In the end, Charles was the one who ended up going to therapy after Diana quit after only 8 sessions.

He continued to go regularly for the next 14 years!

The therapist apparently perceived Charles as "misunderstood and starved" of "really spontaneous, natural affection."

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  • Theresa Shively
    Theresa Shively Apr 5, 2017 2:18 AM PDT

    Charles had no idea what a beautiful woman he had and now he's paying for it

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