Prince Charles Refuses To Shake Mike Pence's Hand In Viral Video

Prince Charles Refuses To Shake Mike Pence's Hand In Viral Video
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That was pretty embarrassing! While at the World Holocaust Forum, Prince Charles threw some not so subtle shade at Mike Pence by refusing to shake his hand and it was even all caught on camera!

Looking at the footage, it appears that Pence was absolutely devastated that something like that happened to him during the event that took place in Israel.

The clip shows Prince Charles simply swerving the United States vice president when he went in for a handshake.

What made it even worse was the fact that at the time, the British royal was moving down a line of dignitaries from all over the world, shaking their hands one by one.

However, when it was Pence’s turn, Charles looked him straight in the eyes and simply skipped him only to then greet the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instead.

It’s safe to say that Pence looks crushed by such a clear snub just as Charles can be seen then taking his seat between the French President Emmanuel Macron and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Despite what the footage suggests, however, a rep from Buckingham Palace, as well as Pence’s press secretary, Katie Waldman have both denied that Prince Charles was trying to shade Pence.

Waldman even took to social media to share a clip showing Prince Charles, Mike Pence and his wife, Karen chatting backstage at the event.

And that was not all! She also tweeted a pic of the two men smiling at one another with the caption: ‘This is not true. Vice President Pence and Prince Charles spoke prior to entering the event and after his remarks as well. Vice President Pence and the Second Lady spoke with Prince Charles for 5 minutes in the pre program before they entered the hall. They also shook hands at the end of his remarks.’

Similarly, Buckingham Palace confirmed via BBC that the two men had a ‘long and warm conversation.’


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