Prince Charles And Camilla Turn The Comments Off Their Social Media Following An Episode Of The Crown

Prince Charles And Camilla Turn The Comments Off Their Social Media Following An Episode Of The Crown
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Page Six reported today that the Twitter account belonging to Prince Charles and Camilla has been temporarily muted by the account holders due to an onslaught of negative comments potentially related to the Netflix series, The Crown.

The outlet claims that on Tuesday, the Clarence House Twitter account shared pictures of the 71-year-old and the 72-year-old delivering a speech to employees and residents of a charity in the United Kingdom for the poverty-stricken.

For whatever reason, the comment section on the posts had been shut down, and this comes not long after the royal couple had to turn the comments off following the latest season of The Crown.

According to the Post, one comment, for example, claimed that neither Charles nor Camilla would ever have the same "charm," "class," or "magnetic presence" as Diana. The Twitter user went on to say that it wasn't possible to replace Princess Diana ever.

Reportedly, the fourth season of the Netflix series revolves around Prince Charles ' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while he was married to Princess Diana. The series portrays the relationship as having gone on well into their marriage.

This isn't a reflection of what really happened between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, however. Page Six claims that an authorized biography of the prince says Charles and Camilla started dating in 1986, which was around five years into their marriage.

According to Prince Charles in an interview published in 1994, he and Camilla started dating at a point when his marriage to Princess Diana had failed. Their marriage had started to fall apart, and Charles looked to Camilla.

Additionally, fans of the royal family, notably fans of Princess Diana, began to flood Camilla's Instagram page related to the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition. Page Six says the comment section was filled with remarks related to the late Diana.


Other users, however, defended Camilla by saying that Netflix's The Crown wasn't based on reality or what actually happened in the royal family at all. Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997 and the nature of her relationship with Prince Charles has been controversial ever since.

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