President Trump Supporter in Hollywood: Rare Find or Rumor Debunked?

President Trump Supporter in Hollywood: Rare Find or Rumor Debunked?
Source: Dailymail

It is no secret that the majority of actors that populate Hollywood are left of liberal. In fact, it is very likely a source of pride for many residents. However, the veneer of a glitzy, silver-screen, la-la-land ideology that encompasses all, does not run as deep, or as wide, as the image makers wish to convey.

Recently, one of Hollywood's more iconic actors, Jon Voight, came out in stylish and dignified support of President Donald Trump. Voight, the 78-year old, award-winning actor and father of Angelina Jolie, was a featured speaker at the presidential inauguration this past Friday. In stark contrast to the Hollywood message managers, Voight used broadly inclusive and positive prose to paint a bright picture of what the next four years could hold for all Americans.

Voight joins a number of other high profile celebrities in recent months that have questioned the political themes and motivations of Tinsel Town. For example, Kurt Russell caused quite the kerfuffle recently in the post-Golden Globes glow when he called out the entertainment industry for being blatantly politically liberal. Although this was not in and of itself a bombshell, that Russell publicly stood up for his beliefs in a town that scrupulously avoids dissent from the 'agreed consensus', was epic. Russell does not shy away from identifying himself as a libertarian.

Even Tim Allen has gotten on board the political dissent from Hollywood train. On November 21st, 2016, Allen was interviewed by Fox's Megyn Kelley. The discussion was fairly broad but Allen didn't pull any punches when it came to pointing out that, in his opinion, too many of his fellow actors were hypocrites. Essentially, the 'left' is entitled to express an opinion but that any dissent from that opinion results in bullying and name calling, thereby stifling discussion. Allen went on to describe his position as akin to an anarchist...the good kind of course!

There are actually many other actors throughout the entertainment industry that do support President Trump, and thus debunk the rumor of anti-Trump political solidarity. These people are loosely referred to as the Hollywood Conservative Underground and, in an ironic parallel to the LGBTQ community of the past, they are 'closeted' for fear of black listing and public 'shaming'. So, regardless of one's political opinion, bravo! Bravo, to the actors that support Trump - or simply hold a different opinion – for their brave stance for individuality.


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