President Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky And Chastain Met

President Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky And Chastain Met
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Jessica Chastain visited the war-torn but unflappable country of Ukraine in early August, and on Thursday, she shared a video from her humanitarian journey there on Twitter.

The 45-year-old actress said in the tweet that came before the about 1-minute clip, "I needed a few weeks to comprehend what I observed from my trip to Kyiv.

After arriving in Poland, we traveled for four hours before boarding a train for an additional eleven. Regarding the intricate travel arrangements, she added, "I was anxious, but the length of the trip gave me time to calm myself.

The video opens with Chastain reading aloud from her phone a number of WWII statistics while traveling in a car in Kyiv with an unidentified companion: Thus, 5.1 million Ukrainians have already fled to countries in the European Union as refugees. 7.7 million more people are domestically displaced. She claims that 44 million people called Ukraine home before the world existed.

As she continues, the camera pans across to show that they are passing entire city blocks that have been destroyed by the Russian bombing.

Six thousand seven hundred ten civilians have died as a result of war crimes, notably 359 children. She continues in a voiceover, "8741 civilians, including 700 children, were hurt."

Finally, the vehicle arrives at Ohmatdyt, which is still operating more than six months into the conflict and is thought to be the biggest children's hospital in Ukraine. The hospital's donation policies are detailed here.

Following the trip, Chastain tweeted about one encounter that changed her life: "One of the events from this life-changing journey was my trip to the children's hospital: Ohmatdyt. Amazing kids and the director, Volodymyr Zhovnir, were both people I had the chance to meet. My awe was inspired by the children's courage and hope.

In the third and final tweet, it is said that many people have been hospitalized for months while also being evicted from their houses. Currently, Ukraine is experiencing a severe humanitarian catastrophe.


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