President Joe Biden Will Overturn Trump's Military Transgender Ban In Another Blow To His Administration

President Joe Biden Will Overturn Trump's Military Transgender Ban In Another Blow To His Administration
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President Joe Biden has been busy undoing the Trump administration's bans and executive orders since the first hours after swearing-in as Commander-in-Chief. Trump used executive orders to get plenty of his policies in place and because he used the tactic to reshape America, President Joe Biden can equally use the power to overturn what Trump enacted. Now, reports say that the transgender military ban that Trump instituted is about to be over. With the stroke of President Biden's pen, the ban can easily be removed allowing patriotic citizens who identify as transgender to equally serve their country along with those who feel their person is in line with their assigned birth gender — or in other words, soldiers.

President Joe Biden continues to make history in multiple ways. Not only is he the oldest president in U.S. history, but he was the first person to serve with a black president and chose a black, Asian-American, woman for vice president. He also selected the first black person to be Defense Secretary — Lloyd Austin.

There is no doubt about it — President Joe Biden is shaking things up and the cry that sounded out under President Barack Obama's administration of 'Yes, we can!' continues as President Biden continues to show through his policies that he cares about the poor and disenfranchised minority groups.

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are scheduled to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and it is expected that following that meeting, President Joe Biden will repeal Trump's transgender military ban with an executive order.

You may see a report about President Joe Biden's repeal of the transgender military ban below.

Donald Trump announced the ban back in July 2017 and he cited health care costs as the reason. He stated that transgender soldiers require hormonal treatment and surgery, though those who wanted to serve according to their assigned birth gender would be allowed.

President Joe Biden is expected to speak out about the plan's reversal as well.

What do you think? What was your response to President Donald Trump 's initial transgender military ban? Did you think it was the right move or did you think it was cruel and only served to further isolate an already disenfranchised minority group?


Do you think President Joe Biden is doing the right thing by overturning the transgender military ban?


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