President Donald Trump's Supporters Allegedly Boxed In Actress Francia Raisa -- Tearful Video Sparks Reactions

President Donald Trump's Supporters Allegedly Boxed In Actress Francia Raisa -- Tearful Video Sparks Reactions
Credit: USA Today

President Donald Trump was in Southern California for a fundraiser over the weekend, and his supporters were out full force. This was not a present surprise for Francia Raisa, star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Grown-ish .

Raisa claims the Trump fans tormented her on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. She broke down in tears while telling the story on Instagram.

Via Instagram Story, the 32-year-old actress shared: “I was just on the 405, and I got stuck in that stupid Trump rally and they f–king boxed me in, and they’re pointing at me and laughing at me saying, ‘Haha.’”

She continued: "And I literally almost crashed because they wouldn’t let me out. I was trying to go around it, and they literally all stopped and boxed me on the f–king freeway when all I wanted to do was go around. And they were just being so violent, and I could have crashed, I could have f–king crashed,” she said. “It was so dangerous, and I just don’t understand why that’s the country that you are all supposedly wanting right now. Really? That’s what makes America ‘great? Really? That’s f–ked up; I could have f–king died right now. That was so f–king dangerous. Pointing at me and laughing at a Mexican. That was really f–king scary.”

One fan reached out and stated: "I am so sorry this happened to you. You are not being "dramatic" like someone actually had the nerve to post. It is a scary situation to be in as a minority surrounded by hate. Thank God you are physically okay. I am praying for you to mentality have the peace you need after this ordeal."

A critic replied: "Lol @ your story. I’m not a Trump supporter (I actually can’t stand the guy), but the one thing I will say about the left is that you’re all full of double standards. This is EXACTLY what the left was doing to people trying to pass by in their cars during THEIR marches. During ANY of their marches. They always block traffic and people from getting through while yelling slurs. The fact that she says “that was so dangerous” and “this is what you people want” is comical considering the left does this to people driving ALL the time when they’re holding events."

The touring version of the Beach Boys with Mike Love performed at the Trump fundraiser, a move that was not approved by Brian Wilson and Al Jardine.

The pair put out a statement via Variety that read: "We have absolutely nothing to do with the Trump benefit today in Newport Beach. Zero. We didn’t even know about it and were very surprised to read about it in the Los Angeles Times ."


Between Raisa and the Beach Boys, this was a headline-grabbing fundraiser for President Trump.

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