President Donald Trump's Supporter, Karl Rove, Says He Is Behind In Reelection Race Against Joe Biden

President Donald Trump's Supporter, Karl Rove, Says He Is Behind In Reelection Race Against Joe Biden
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President Donald Trump is starting to be in a lot of trouble when it comes to his reelection campaign against presumptive Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Lagging in national and swing states polls, Trump appears to no longer in control of the race or his messaging. The president's closest allies are now admitting that he is behind in key metrics.

The COVID-19 pandemic, the protests over race and police brutality, and the economy being in a free fall have changed Trump's standing in the polls.

Republican strategist Karl Rove, a Trump supporter, who helped George W. Bush get reelected in 2004, said Friday that Trump needs to make some significant changes.

Rove told Fox News: "Let’s be honest about it: The president is behind today. These things happen in campaigns, Where are the polls today, but, ‘What does the president need to do in order to regain the advantage?’"

He continued: "What does he want to do next? No president gets reelected by simply saying, ‘I’ve done a good job.’ You can’t win unless you’ve got a disciplined, focused campaign strategy. And these polls point to the president and his team needing to reexamine what they’re doing and come up with a better game plan."

Rove was alluding to the fact that Trump could not answer clearly in an interview with Fox News Sean Hannity why he needs a second term as president.

Trump said: "Well, one of the things that will be really great: You know, the word “experience” is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience; I’ve always said that. But the word “experience” is a very important word. It’s a very important meaning. I never did this before, I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington, I think, 17 times, all of a sudden I’m president of the United States, you know the story, I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady, and I say, “This is great.” But I didn’t know very many people in Washington; it wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now I know everybody. And I have great people in the administration. You make some mistakes, like you know an idiot like Bolton, all he wanted to do is drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to kill people."

Biden is promising a return to normalcy after years of tumult inside the White House.

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