President Donald Trump's Statement About California Wildfires Infuriates Twitter — Celebrities Sound Off

President Donald Trump's Statement About California Wildfires Infuriates Twitter —  Celebrities Sound Off
Source: Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley

President  Donald Trump released a statement about the California wildfires early Saturday morning and Twitter isn't happy about it. While people are fleeing their homes, countless people are missing and multiple counties are in a state of emergency, President Donald Trump threatened to withhold money if California couldn't utilize their Department of Forestry in a way to prevent wildfires.

It didn't take long for celebrities to share their reactions to the tweet; many of which were remarks of disgust. While President Donald Trump recognized that lives were lost in the fires (the death toll is currently at 9 and expected to rise), there was little sympathy or even messages of encouragement, support, or strength to the approximately 250,000 evacuees.

Over the night, fires reached Pepperdine University resulting in fearful messages on social media to students who were sheltered within the campus.

Many are expressing outrage that President  Donald Trump blamed mismanagement and showed little to no concern to those currently suffering.

You may see President Donald Trump's tweet below.

Some have pointed out that it would be cruel to let people die and withhold aid and assistance because of mismanagement.

Actor Zach Braff saw the tweet and responded.

"Honestly thought this one was from a parody account. The city is on fire and people and animals are dying."

The comments are divisive at a time when the nation has witnessed many celebrities reaching across the aisle to help during the tragedy.

James Woods and Alyssa Milano have bridged the political divides between them and spoke civilly to each other on Twitter.

When the fires broke out in Paradise, California, Woods reached out to those in need and surrendered his Twitter from political conversation to a platform used to disseminate resources and information.

Woods has been one of Trump's most vocal supporters and chose to leave politics out of the conversation and focus instead on saving lives.

Do you think President Trump should do the same?

You may see and follow James Woods' tweets and use his hashtags #CampFireJamesWoods and #SoCalFiresJamesWoods to help those in need.

There are many missing people and on Friday evening, actor Charlie Sheen tweeted that he was looking for his parents Judy and Martin Sheen.

The full magnitude of the California wildfires is yet unknown, but according to the latest reports, the fires, including the Woolsey Fire are growing larger and remain uncontained.


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