President Donald Trump Reacts To El Paso And Dayton Mass Shootings

President Donald Trump Reacts To El Paso And Dayton Mass Shootings
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After posting a few tweets where President Donald Trump offered his thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings that left 29 people dead, he spoke to the media with First Lady Melania Trump by his side.

Trump blamed mental health issues for the horrible shootings perpetrated by Connor Betts and Patrick Crusius and went on to praise the authorities in Ohio and Texas for the manner they handled the horrific events.

Trump said: “Nobody could have done what they’ve done. This could have been–as bad as it was, it could have been so much worse. I just have to thank them. The job they’ve done is incredible. They were right on the ball in El Paso. They were there so quickly. And in Dayton, in less than a minute. Think of the damage he did in such a short period. In less than a minute, the law enforcement acted and killed him. And it would have been unbelievable. It was—would have been—it was horrible, but it would have been so much worse.”

He added: “Hate has no place in our country. And we’re going to take care of it. I spoke with Attorney General Bill Barr at length. I spoke to Christopher Wray, director of the FBI. Spoke to the governors, both governors. And we’re doing a lot of work. A lot of people are working right now.”

Trump also spoke about mental health by saying: “We’re talking to a lot of people, and a lot of things are in the works and a lot of good things. And we’ve done much more than most administrations. But this is also a mental illness problem if you look at both of those cases. This is a mental illness. These are real people that are very, very seriously mentally ill. So a lot of things are happening.”

One person called out Trump for his anti-immigrant messages: “Has Trump ever condemned white supremacy anyway.”

This Trump backer revealed: “Donald trump is trying to fix the problems at the border by keeping illegal immigrants out of our country that doesn’t make him a racist whatsoever now a portion of the immigrants coming illegally might have good reason, and we should take care of them but there are too many immigrants using the system causing a lack of trust by anyone involved with border security now you cannot blame Donald trump for a shooting if I say something and some one has issues and interprets it the wrong way the may have a twisted idea and act on their conclusions, not the presidents ideas to blame this shooting on the president is quite frankly dumb because trump isn’t trying to get rid of Hispanics in the US but is trying to keep out illegal immigrants and if we ignore this problem then why do we have laws people talk about fairness and equality but how is it fair that we have to treat an illegal immigrant and a legal one the same how is it fair to call someone a racist who is just calling attention to a problem not addressed by other presidents.”

Can Trump evolve?

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