President Donald Trump Leaves Viewers Baffled By Speaking About How God Guided Him To The White House

President Donald Trump Leaves Viewers Baffled By Speaking About How God Guided Him To The White House
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President Donald Trump is doing an outreach to the millions of Christians who voted for him in 2016.

The former reality TV star turned politician did a lengthy interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network with David Brody, where they tackled many topics.

The question that Brody asked that captivated viewers is as follows: "Did God put him into the White House?"

Trump did not fail with his answer -- the president hinted that divine political intervention did play a part in his presidency.

Trump even shared the story of Ben Carson, predicting God would give him the victory.

Brody asked: "I want to ask you, on the evangelical front. I've asked Sarah Sanders, Mike Pompeo, they all give me the same answer I say, was President Trump put in office for such a time as this. Did God put President Trump in office for such a time as this? I never asked you that question. What do you think?"

President Trump responded by: "Well, I don't know what they said."

Brody: "They said yes."

Trump added: "Okay. Because I have, Ben Carson said the same thing. You know, Ben Carson came to me because he ran a very effective campaign. And he did a good job. He really did. You know, he came in one of the top people. And he said to me, you know, you're gonna win. I said, Ben, I'm running against you. What are you telling me? He said you're going to win because God put you here for this occasion. I said, What a lovely thing to say. That was the first one that I heard from Ben Carson. And it was during the campaign, I was running against him, and he was saying, I'm gonna win. He's a very high-quality guy. He's done a great job in the administration."

President Trump concluded by: "I almost don't even want to think about it. Because you know what, all I'm gonna do is, I hope it's true. All I'm going to do is I'm going to do my best. And part of what I'm doing my best one is for the religious community beyond evangelical, evangelicals a very big part is very important to me. You know, we have great support. I was so honored when Franklin Graham said that his father voted for me. And that was something that Billy Graham has never announced, who he was voting for. But Franklin Graham said his father voted for me. He went public with it. As you know, to me, that was a big moment because I have such respect for Franklin and for the family, and Billy Graham is really great. Like when he said that his father, his last vote was for me and his father never announced who was voting for, would never talk about it."

Trump's opponent, presumptive Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the polls at the moment.

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