Pregnant YouTuber Nicole Thea Dies At Age 24

Pregnant YouTuber Nicole Thea Dies At Age 24
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Nicole Thea, 24, the YouTube star, has died. E! Online reported that the young vlogger passed away while pregnant with a baby boy she was expecting with her boyfriend, Global Boga. On her Instagram account, Nicole's family confirmed the terrible news.

Due to her death, her son, whom she hoped to name Reign, died as well. In a statement on Sunday, her family wrote that she had died as did her son. The family added that Nicole had scheduled the release of several YouTube videos on her account, and Boga allowed their release.

According to E! Online, her last video was released just three hours ago and it had the title, "GOT IN A BATH FULL OF MILK! *BTS PREGNANCY SHOOT." Variety reported today that Nicole Thea was also a dancer who first gained prominence on the platform due to her pregnancy.

This April, Nicole revealed she was pregnant on her social media with a sweet message. Over the course of her influencer career, the star garnered around 76,000 YouTube subscribers as well as 123,000 Instagram followers.

Her channel often featured Boga, her boyfriend, whom she frequently discussed her pregnancy with.

At the end of her family's statement, they asked for fans to be respectful of their privacy during this difficult time. They wrote that it has been difficult for them to cope with what's happened. According to the outlet, it's not clear what led to Nicole's passing.

This isn't the only time a YouTuber has passed away over the last year. In 2019, Grant Thompson, known as The King of Random, departed from the Regional Airport in Hurricane, Washington County, Utah with a paraglider. 

The YouTuber was reported missing that evening around 10:30 pm due to an overdue paraglider. Due to the GPS he had on him at the time of death, the authorities were able to find his body.

According to YouTube Fandom, Thompson's exact cause of death hasn't been revealed because the case is still under investigation.

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