Pregnant Katy Perry Flies Back Home To Be With Orlando Bloom Due To Coronavirus Scare

Pregnant Katy Perry Flies Back Home To Be With Orlando Bloom Due To Coronavirus Scare
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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Katy Perry, who's currently engaged to Orlando Bloom, is taking her health seriously. Entertainment Tonight reported that the 35-year-old singer is currently on her way back to the United States after hanging out with Bloom in Australia.

A source confirmed to ET that the star was cutting her stay short due to the fear of coronavirus. Fans of the pop star know she and Bloom are currently expecting their first child together, putting Katy at particular risk. The source who spoke with the outlet claimed Katy had departed the Australian nation to be home with her man.

In his Instagram Stories this Thursday, the 43-year-old actor claimed that after visiting the Czech Republic to film for his show, Carnival Row, he and the rest of his team were worried they'd be quarantined before arriving back in the States.

As for Katy, it's the first time she's ever been pregnant, so she's taking extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. While she would like to hold her work commitments, her health and safety is the number one concern and priority for both of them right now.

Earlier this week, Perry posted pictures of herself in Australia on Instagram. Bloom, on the other hand, urged his fans to self-quarantine to stay safe. Moreover, he added that he and the rest of his cast and crew want to get home before they're quarantined.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor went on to add that the whole pandemic was crazy for the world. He added at the end of his video clip, "a few weeks, we'll beat this bad boy."

As it was previously reported, Perry and Bloom first revealed she was pregnant with the premiere of her new music video, "Never Worn White."

During a chat with Mikey Piff on SiriusXM, Katy confirmed to the host that she didn't plan on canceling her career or slowing down after having a child. She's happy to join the "force of working moms out there," and it brings her a lot of joy to be doing so.

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